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Two Interesting Quotes

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I must say, these two quotes are quite hilarious.

"A pessimist would say that the glass is half-empty. An optimist would say that it's half-full. An engineer would say, 'Why is this thing twice the size it needs to be?'"


'I had to sit on the runway for 40 minutes.' Oh my god, really? What happened then, did you fly through the air like a bird, incredibly? Did you soar into the clouds, impossibly? Did you partake in the miracle of human flight and then land softly on giant tires that you couldn't even conceive how they f**king put air in them?...You're sitting in a chair in the sky. You're like a Greek myth right now.'

Hopefully this will keep you satisfied until I return from the People's Republic. Might restart this blog and kick it into high gear again; who knows?

The Revival.

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It is coming.

PMDG 777 FSX Preview

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Woot! The time has finally come! A fully featured triple 7 for Flight Simulator X! Articles detailing the unveil can be found below. I'll let the screeshots speak for themselves:

The preview was for a 777-200LR. Other variants are probably planned. 

Release of the first preview:

NOTE: A 747-400/747-8 V2 is also planned! Talk about awesome! 


Attached Image: PMDG_777200LR_8.jpg

Attached Image: PMDG_777200LR_9.jpg

Attached Image: PMDG_777200LR_10.jpg

Attached Image: PMDG_777200LR_11.jpg

Attached Image: PMDG_777200LR_6.jpg

Attached Image: PMDG_777200LR_7.jpg


She sure is a looker! 

AVSIM Review: X-Plane 10

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AVSIM Online Senior Staff Reviewer Gene Davis takes the plunge into Laminar Research's new X-Plane 10:


Senior staff reviewer Gene Davis takes a personal look at Laminar Research's X-Plane 10. "A full year ago, January was when the first images of X-Plane 10 arrived on the net and my first reaction was to say I was impressed with what I saw and my initial expectations were significantly high because I knew that X-Plane 10 would be a strong contender in the simulation market."


"The X-Plane 10 fleet is impressive at first glance as it has 13 different categories of aircraft to choose from and a range in everything from big jets to small general aviation aircraft and experimental planes. Those of you that have used X-Plane 9 or earlier will quickly recognize many of these aircraft and that they have not changed much since their earlier releases."


"X-Plane 10 generates cities, roads and traffic in areas that are populated and brings them to life by creating a living breathing city or town and although it does not necessarily represent its real world counterpart, but represents it as X-Plane sees it and where it thinks a city or town should be. The roads in X-Plane 10 are generated to match that of the real world and where it stands out the most are the freeways, highways and road networks that lead in out and of the cities and towns and into rural areas."


"The weather engine has not changed any from X-Plane 9 and allows the user to set up the weather themselves or download the real world weather. Global textures change as you progress throughout the program, desert areas, forested areas, mountainous regions and valleys all have different textures depending on the region you select to fly in."


"X-Plane 10 is a huge simulation and I think I have only managed to graze the top of the entire program and from what I have seen I do like X-Plane 10 and I will continue to use it in the future and throughout its development life. I really think that X-Plane 10 represents a jump ahead in the X-Plane world as far as development and innovation is concerned and it opens up new and exciting features and takes full advantage of your systems resources and is a strong contender in the simulation market."

Click here to read more. Screenshots by AVSIM Online: 


The Warrior - Southwest's First 737-800

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NOTE: I will no longer be posting seperate titles, as it is rather repetitive and useless. ;)

From Randy's Journal:


There was a big party this morning in Dallas to celebrate a new era at Southwest Airlines—as they unveiled their brand new and first ever Next-Generation 737-800 to thousands of employees. The airplane, named Warrior One, also features Southwest’s first Boeing Sky Interior.


A beautiful day to celebrate Southwest’s first Next-Generation 737-800 in Dallas.


While I wasn’t able to fly down, several of my Boeing colleagues made the trip for the celebration and sent me back some photos to share. Southwest invited its employees to come out and see their new baby in person. The airplane will start revenue service next month.




Here’s an incredible stat. By the end of this year, Southwest will have almost three dozen 737-800s in its fleet. It will give the airline scheduling flexibility with additional capacity in high-demand, slot-controlled markets. And thanks to the airplane’s ETOPS capabilities, Southwest can now fly to new markets on routes not currently available.


Southwest employees check out the new Boeing Sky Interior. Photo courtesy Southwest Airlines.






Those of us at Boeing often talk about game changing airplanes. Captain Chuck Magill, Southwest’s VP of Flight Operations, believes the 737-800 falls into that category.


“The -800 is a potential game changer for us, and will take us places we never dreamed of. It’s a great primer for the 737 MAX, which will take us even farther,” said Magill.


Captain Chuck, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for letting us go along for the ride. And congratulations on the Warrior. Be sure to also check out Southwest’s blog.




Thousands of Southwest employees gather for the big reveal. Photo courtesy Southwest Airlines.


Congratulations to Southwest for their first ever -800! In my opinion 'Warrior One' is a beautiful name for such a fine aircraft. That new Sky Interior looks quite spiffy too! 

Mayday Season 11 - TACA Flight 110

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Mayday Season 11 - TACA Flight 110

Some of you might watch an aviation accident documentary series called Mayday, which often airs on Discovery Channel, and goes by other names in England. Here's one that I wanted to share with you - TACA flight 110, a Boeing 737 which had both engines flamed out. Watch and enjoy: