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As there are several downloads here on FlyToronto! linking to great freeware I would like to remind you of the copyright notice on these files:

1. I do not take the credit for the addons. All credit goes to their respective developers and I would like to thank them for providing us with such great planes and scenery for FS! 

2. The downloads are all linked to, AVSIM Online or any website that provides a download.

I would like to thank them as well for hosting all the files for free! 


NOTE: I had to link them directly to the download as has this bug of not allowing URLs to go through to the file list.

3. Lastly, FlyToronto! is only here to tell you about the addons and where to download them. I am not distributing them more because I do not host them. The download is from They are still the ones actually giving the file to you! I don't take credit for the files like (GASP)>>><<< Legal Notice:


Download Copyright Notice


NOTICE: Although the file you are about to download is FREE, it contains copyrighted material. In some cases the developers have multiple restrictions on the use of these files and we ask that you read them carefully. These copyrights belong to the respective developers and must be followed under copyright law. Some files are distributed as shareware which means they are not to be used without payment or purchase to the original developer after a trial evaluation period. Please be sure you do not violate these restrictions.


FlightSim.Com appreciates your help in supporting the developers who provide these quality add-ons.


It's probably your firewall settings. If you are running Zone Alarm make sure that "Mobile Code Control" is turned off. Another common problem is routers; try doing a reset of your router.

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