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FSX Captain Sim - MilViz - Just Flight 737 Classics

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FSX Captain Sim - MilViz - Just Flight

737 Classics

If you haven't heard, it seems like the 737 Classic for FSX is receiving a ton of attention lately! Three developers have already revealed that they are working on the baby Boeing, with two of the products already released and a third underway. If you have a little something for classic, smoke spewing, engine roarin' jets, these addons may be for you:

Just Flight 737 Professional - 737-200 Advanced model by Black Box Simulations. Full VC and 2D panels, detailed exterior

Captain Sim 737-200 Basepack and 737-100 Expansion - Basepack includes fully featured VC, Exterior and the detail you basically expect from a CS aircraft. Product is released, however Captain Sim states that it is still in 'beta' stage two. 'Stage Three' is when the aircraft will be fully certified and bug-free.



MilViz 737-200 - Comes with all the usual goodies, plus many variants:

1) cargo


2) cargo, rough terrain kit


2) cargo combi


3) cargo combi, rough terrain kit


4) passenger


5) passenger, rough terrain kit


Cargo pods, loaders, aft airstairs and other "helpful" things will be included...

Not too much is known at the moment though. The aircraft is still under development. 

And that's it! Phew. Looks like a whole lotta heavy metal incoming, very soon. 

An Inspiring Video - Boeing 777

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An Inspiring Video - Boeing 777

Good evening. I just wanted to share with you a touching video on the construction of the Triple Seven, or more specifically, the work that countless people put into it. Probably one of the best videos I have seen from Boeing in a long time. 

Click on the image below to view the video:

787 Visits Toronto

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787 Visits Toronto

If you haven't heard, the 787 has recently dropped into Toronto for a visit. Air Canada got a chance to check out their future aircraft, while spotters also managed to snag a a few nice photos. Click here for the link to Randy's post. 




Personally, I cannot wait to see one of these beautiful birds in the AC livery! 

AVSIM Review: Ft Lauderdale X Revisited

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AVSIM Review: Ft Lauderdale X Revisited

AVSIM Staff Reviewer Ray Marshall visits Fort Lauderdale to check out Flight Sim Designs' photoreal rendition of the area:

This is most definitely a quality photo-real scenery package for FSX. This is also brought to market by a dedicated developer with a toll free telephone number and enjoys chewing the fat with anyone who calls. The screenshots speak for themselves, no special setup, sliders as shown, nothing retouched. This is big step closer that next level we seem to always be seeking.

Click here to read more! Screenshots courtesy of AVSIM Online:

PMDG 737 NGX Released!

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PMDG 737 NGX Released!


That's right folks! The PMDG 737 NGX was just released last night! If you were on the AVSIM forums there were thousands of people around the world eager to get their first look at the NGX. Unsurprisingly PMDG's servers crashed, but not just because of traffic; they were also subjected to an odd DDOS attack from China. The servers have now regained operation so no worries there. This promises to be the most advanced and in depth aircraft simulation ever created for flight simulator, so don't miss out! Click on the banner above to go to the product page.

  • The Definitive Simulation of the World's Definitive Airliner
  • PMDG is proud to offer the next level of airliner flight simulation with the release of the PMDG 737NGX 800/900 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X!
  • The PMDG 737NGX features an unprecedented level of systems fidelity. Developed over three years with technical input from Boeing and a team of real-life 737NG crew and maintenance advisors, we have painstakingly modeled nearly every system on the real aircraft in a fully dynamic and realistic manner.
  • Raise the wing spoilers and watch as the virtual hydraulic fluid moves through the system and causes the pressure and quantity to change in real time. Turn on something as small as a single exterior light and watch as the electrical load indication changes to reflect the increased power draw. The PMDG 737NGX is a living, breathing machine.

Take the long way home

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Take the long way home

I thought this was worthy of noting, as 747-8 freighter testing has finished. Congrats to Boeing and the entire 747 team! 

I'm looking forward to the first commercial flights; can't wait to see 747-8s in our local hubs!

At first glance, it looks like something a young aviation buff might have created with Etch A Sketch (for those of us who actually remember Etch A Sketch). Using perhaps the most creative flight plan ever drawn up, the 747-8 Freighter successfully completed its certification flight test program early this morning.



A giant 747 marks a milestone flight. Image from FlightAware.


As you can see on this map from FlightAware, one of the two airplanes (RC523) that flew in the final day of flight testing carved a giant 747 across the country as it completed function & reliability (F&R) testing. The flight took the airplane over 15 states and lasted some 17 hours, landing in Everett a few minutes after midnight this morning. Kudos to the Boeing Test and Evaluation team for dreaming this flight plan up that really does take the long way home. It’s a great tribute to the hard work everyone has done to reach this point.



RC523 at Paine Field after completing a 17 hour flight.

Meanwhile, flight test airplane RC522 completed testing of the flight management computer (FMC).

The 747-8 Freighter has flown more than 1,200 flights and 3,400 hours since its first flight in February of 2010. After the FAA certifies the airplane, the first 747-8 Freighter is scheduled to be delivered to launch customer Cargolux in September.

This has been an incredible week for the 747-8 and 787 programs. On back to back days, they both announced important milestones on the way to first delivery. We’re in the home stretch and can’t wait to reach the finish line.